Banana Shallot or Echalion

Banana Shallot or Echalion

The echalion is a variety of elongated onion which ressembles a shallot and is often confused with it.

In contrast to the shallot, the echalion has only one bulb, which has an elongated shape, and it reproduces from seed.

They have similar uses in cooking, however the echalion has a number of appreciable assets :

- A delicate flavour, more subtle and sweeter than an onion. It is an excellent intermediate between the onion and the shallot. (The larger the echalion the closer it ressembles an onion, the smaller the echalion the closer it ressembles a shallot).

- It has an elegant look and shape.

- It can be conserved for longer than a shallot in Spring and at the end of the season because at that time of year shallots germinate more readily than echalions.

- Very popular in restaurants because they are easy to peel. For one 30/50 echalion, around 2 shallots are required, so it is also time saving. The 30/50 caliber is relatively constant in weight and therefore it is easier to caclulate the cost price for the collectivity.

All these assets have made the echalion or banana shallot the “fourth condiment” with sale volumes increasing year on year.

For marketing :
See Banana Shallot.

For the History:
See Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou.


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